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A New Podcast From The Geeks Network – RESET: Automation, Networking, Storage

RESET: Automation, Networking, Storage –

RESET is a weekly tech podcast that covers home automation, networking, and home storage.  No tech subject is off limits and RESET will get off the rails on other favorites.   I’ll be talking about anything that plugs in or takes batteries.  Mostly home automation, networking, home storage AND i’m bringing friends.

Check out this new podcast.  Dave has taken the Surface Geeks Podcast and Home Server Show and combined them in a new show called “Reset”.  Make sure to subscribe today!

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Google Pixel Phones Coming to Store Near You

Google teases Pixel & Pixel XL announcement coming on October 4 | 9to5Google

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have been making the rumor rounds over recent weeks, but the company is expected to make the devices official soon. Now, Google has shared a teaser video and launched a teaser website for the announcement of the two devices…

The teaser video for the announcement is simply titled “Google: Oct. 4” and features the iconic Google Search box slowly morphing into an outline the size of a smartphone. The description for the video reads, “Something new to love on Oct. 4.”

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The Only iOS 10 Review You Need

iOS 10: The MacStories Review – MacStories

Sometimes, change is unexpected. More often than not, change sneaks in until it feels grand and inevitable. Gradually, and then suddenly. iOS users have lived through numerous tides of such changes over the past three years.

This is as much of a how to as a review, but it covers everything.  There is nothing missed, so if you are going to read just one thing about iOS 10 let this be that thing.

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Drafts for iOS 10 is Out!

Drafts 4.7.0 | Agile Tortoise

Drafts 4.7.0 is a free update. This release marks the second anniversary of the Drafts 4 release, and we are excited to be able to continue to add value to to the app.

Drafts is now available for $4.99 (USD) in the App Store. We want everyone to use Drafts and hope a lower price point will make it more easier for more people to dive in and get the benefits of greater productivity Drafts offers. If you are new to Drafts, please check out a few of our excellent screencasts to get you up and running!

Drafts is one of my favorite apps on iOS and with iOS 10 it has gotten better.  I have been using the beta for a few months, and it’s just amazing to see what a great developer can do.  The app now works from right within Messages, and has added OneDrive integration (I know a lot of Microsoft users follow me).  For $4.99 it is a bargain.  Check out the screencasts linked above to see what kind of power the app has.

Download on iTunes

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Agnostic Tech Podcast 26: Air Buds

Yes we recorded a new show.  Fair warning, there is a lot of Apple talk!  We touch on other subjects as well of course.  We will be recording a lot more often, so stick around as we break down the tech world one show at a time!

Where to Listen

Agnostic Tech Social Media

The Hosts

The Meta

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Get Your Nougat

Factory Images for Nexus Devices  |  Nexus Files for Developers  |  Google Developers

This page contains binary image files that allow you to restore your Nexus device’s original factory firmware. You will find these files useful if you have used the Android Open-Source Project, flashed custom builds on your device, and wish to return that device to its factory state.

If you don’t understand the above this is probably not for you. Google has posted the factory images of Nougat for Nexus devices.

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Two “Hot” Takes I Agree With

Watch Video on Your Phone the Right Way: Vertically – WSJ

It’s more comfortable to read things when the phone is standing up. Smartphones and their software were designed to fit in our hands. So why do we turn our phones to shoot and watch video?

Why the headphone jack must die

“The device makers would love to get rid of that jack. It makes your phone thicker than it has to be,” Brad Saunders told me last fall.
He’s the Intel executive who led the charge to develop USB-C, which is quickly replacing the standard USB and Micro USB connectors on new phones, tablets, and laptops from Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), Apple (on the 12-inch MacBook), Samsung, and others. More specifically, Saunders sits at the nexus of 600 electronics companies—and knows what’s coming.

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