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New Windows 10 Mobile Build?

Microsoft Finally Delivers a New Build of Windows 10 Mobile to Insiders –

Author: Paul Thurrott

Fully one month after its previous release, Microsoft has finally provided a refreshed new build of Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. But build 10549 offers yet another complexity for testers to wrestle with: With this build, you have to upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1. That means wiping out any phones that are already using previous Insider Preview builds.

We are getting close to the launch of the first Windows 10 mobile devices, and the preview is still not in a good place.

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Yahoo Wants to Kill Passwords By Letting You Sign In With Your Phone

Author: Leah Becerra

Yahoo just laid another brick in the road to its password-less future: In a blog post, the company showed off its new mail app and another way for users to enter their accounts without needing to remember a password.

I love when tech companies think outside the norm. This is something very cool. Thoughts?

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Our New Updated Feed

Our podcast is now being hosted in a new location.  A forward has been set up, but reading other stories on the interwebz it seems that the process works “most of the time”.  To make sure you get the new podcasts that will be released starting later this week you can unsubscribe, and resubscribe to this feed.

While you’re at it feel free to subscribe the news part of our site in your favorite RSS reader.

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John’s Tech (October 2015)

I know it isn’t easy to keep up with my changing tech, so here’s a list of what I am using today:

  • Motorola Moto E (2015)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (Black)
  • Apple MacBook 12″ (Space Gray)
  • Mac mini (2012)
  • Bose SoundTouch 10 (Black)

I have a few items on order as well:

  • LG Nexus 5X (32GB Quartz)
  • Earin Wireless Earbuds (Kickstarter)
  • The Core Wireless Speaker System (Indiegogo)
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The Tweet That Microsoft Fans Did Not Like

I know there are many who don’t like to hear it, but is he wrong?  Was Windows 10 not a step back toward legacy from Windows 8?  While Microsoft is fully in on their touch screen hardware, are they not just making more devices that people can run Chrome and iTunes on?  The Surface Pro and Surface Book are great devices, but there is no doubt that Benedict Evans was right, Microsoft is trying to make cooler looking devices that run the legacy.  Just because people are upgrading to Windows 10, does not mean that the universal store means anything more than it did on Windows 8.  

We will talk about this amongst many other things when the Agnostic Tech Podcast finally returns this week.  As you see we have a new home on the internet where we will also be writing to go along with our podcast.  

P.S. This post was written on an iPad using split screen.  This is the future, and that is why I was so excited when Microsoft launched a Surface running SurfaceRT.  Now I finally have a device that has the ecosystem to support such a future. 

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